What are the plate rules?

The plate rules are easy-to-use, simple rules to stick to when eating according to the Gymondo Nutrition Plan. The plate rules show you how much of which food categories should be on your plate. This way the food on your plate will be in the right proportion and you will be supplied with all the important nutrients in the right ratio. Unbalanced short-term diet? Nope!

With us you will learn to improve your diet in the long term either to become healthy or to stay healthy.

The advantages of the plate rules:

    1. Complete flexibility! The plate rules can be applied both at home and on the go.
    2. Zero stress! No meticulous measuring!
    3. And they make assembling your plate fun, of course.


How can I follow the plate rules?

  • 1st OPTION: Stick to our recipes
  • 2nd OPTION: Assemble your own flexible plate. Mentally divide your plate into 3 parts and fill it with foods from your food list. Be very flexible, eat what you want. You decide.

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