What are Nutrition Points?

Nutrition Points will get you to your goal in the long term. Enter them every day either in the app or on the website.

In the Gymondo nutrition plan, you earn points by

    • avoiding the 'temptation trio'
    • preparing healthy meals according to the plate rules

Skipping the "unhealthy stuff" is already half the battle. You can earn two points each if you make do without sugar, alcohol, and processed foods. If you can make do without all three, you even earn two bonus points.

At the same time, we reward nutrition points for every "good" meal, e.g. one that follows the rules. Here, too, you earn two bonus points if you design each meal of the day according to the rules!

The number of points determines which zone you're in. This way you can always track exactly how well your diet is helping you to meet your goals.

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