What about fruits?

Everybody loves fruit and that's okay. Fruit should continue to be a part of your diet. However, fruit not only contains vitamins and other important nutrients, but also a lot of fructose. So it depends on how much. You can quickly find yourself eating more sugar than you should, for example: 

  • delicious granola with fresh fruit in the morning
  • with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • a banana before or after the workout
  • And, if we're honest, plain yogurt sucks

Many underestimate the calories and the amount of sugar that the fruit adds. A large glass of juice or nectar can easily have over 250 calories. So try to eat no more than two servings of fresh fruit a day and consume vegetables instead. They will also provide you with essential nutrients with only a fraction of the calories and no sugar. 

As a rule, you can eat any fruit that you tolerate well. Banana and grapes, however, have significantly more fructose than berries and papaya.

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