Which types of workouts do you offer?

Gymondo offers workouts you can use to train all the zones of your body

In addition to the classics such as abs, legs, and butt exercises, power workouts to build muscle, and challenging cardio workouts, you can also choose yoga exercises for mobility and relaxation.

Do you want to target specific muscle groups? Then choose workouts for the back, legs, or torso for best results. But don't forget to have fun!

With our unique dance programs, we'll not only get you sweating, but also put the fun of exercise back into your life. You can opt to focus on relaxation or a power workout, keeping fit for everyday life or more ambitious goals.

Open the workouts or the programs page and filter by category to find workouts and programs which match your mood and your goals.


Why don't I see the trainer in some videos?

We've extended our offering to include audio-only programs. These guide you through activities like running, walking and meditation, and you'll only need your mobile device and a set of headphones if you choose. There's no need to be in front of a screen to perform them, which means you can truly take Gymondo outdoors to run, walk or meditate in the park, or even on the treadmill at the gym!

You can find all the audio-only programs by using the appropriate filter.


Will you add more programs?

Yes! We're constantly adding more programs to our selection, but please understand that it takes some time for us to film a program and get them ready for you to enjoy.

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