Which system requirements does my computer need to meet?

  • Devices on which the Gymondo app can be used:
    • PC or laptop
    • smartphones and tablets (Android 4.2 or higher)
    • iPhone and iPad (iOS 10.3 or higher)
    • Fire TV (2014 or higher)
  • Browsers:
    • Chrome, version 51 or higher
    • Firefox, version 47 or higher
    • Safari, version 9 or higher
    • Microsoft Edge, version 25 or higher
    • Internet Explorer, version 11 or higher

We recommend that you use a PC that is not older than 4 years. However, an older model does not necessarily rule out using Gymondo. For a smooth playback of the videos, a stable internet connection of at least 6 mbps should be available. Don't forget: Gymondo only runs when you are connected to the internet. We offer our videos in three quality levels (HD, 480p, 360p), so you can watch the videos without interruption even on a slower connection.

The following functions must be activated in your web browser:
JavaScript and cookies (in this case, the settings should be at least at the middle level or "Only accept those analyzed by the origin server").

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