Amazon subscriptions

How do I cancel a subscription purchased via Amazon Appstore?

If you have subscribed via Amazon, you can quickly and easily cancel it in your Amazon account.

Amazon site

    1. Go to 'My Account' and select 'Apps' and more under the section 'Digital Content and Devices'.

    2. In the left menu, select 'My Subscriptions'.

Fire Tablets

    1. Tap 'Apps' and then 'Shop'.

    2. Open the menu and tap 'Manage subscriptions'.

Amazon App Store

    1. Open the Amazon App Store app.

    2. Tap 'My Apps'.

    3. Tap 'Subscriptions'.

More information can be found directly on Amazon. We do hope you will come back soon and train with us again!

Please click here if you subscribed directly via the Gymondo website.

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