What equipment can I use with Gymondo?


First, Gymondo operates on the principle that no additional equipment is needed. But you can make your workout more comfortable and effective if you use the suggested equipment.


You may have noticed that our trainers are using weights in some videos. You can use additional weights to make your training even more intense. This not only means more effort, but also a more effective workout. Your body responds to this stronger training stimulus, which allows you to achieve a higher level of performance faster. Especially if you intend to build muscle, the use of dumbbells makes sense. However, you should only use weights if the exercise can be completed without problems. If you don't have any weights, you can easily use water bottles that you can refill at will.


Beyond solid gym shoes, you generally don't need any specific clothing to do Gymondo. In order to find the optimal sports shoe, you should do a walking test in a sporting goods shop of your choice and purchase a shoe that works well for you and your foot shape. Only then can you be sure that your joints will be spared and you will avoid unnecessary injuries.

We recommend that you also wear breathable clothing during your Gymondo training. Breathability in sportswear ensures effective temperature compensation and improved moisture wicking.

You should also consider using sweatbands. Sports scientists warn against wiping off sweat with a towel during exercise. Without the sweat, your body won't cool off like it's supposed to. Sweatbands for your forehead and wrists protect your eyes and ensure a non-slip grip when training with weights.

Yoga/exercise mat

Yoga mats have been used in exercise for years. There are two different basic forms: the non-slip plastic mat has the main function of providing a safe footing for exercise, while the sheep's wool mat offers the same effect, but also has the extra benefit of being warmer and softer, making it the perfect choice for colder times of the year. Every yoga mat also ensures a cushioned landing after jumping, thus protecting your joints. Choose the right material and thickness for you. If your body can lie completely on the yoga mat, you have found the ideal size. If you find the prices for high quality yoga mats too high, you can also use a blanket folded several times over or even an air mattress or towel.

Resistance tube

Resistance tubes are elastic ropes originally designed for use in physical therapy. It has since come to be used also in athletic, bodybuilding, and fitness training. It is used for a variety of exercises designed to strengthen almost all muscle groups. Similar to weights, the resistance tubes can make the exercises more intense and thus your training more effective. Resistance tubes are less expensive and lighter in weight than dumbbells, which can be advantageous if you're on the road a lot.


Balanced hydration is essential for physical and mental performance. Especially when exercising, it is essential to drink plenty. In our workouts, you will lose fluids that you need to replenish by drinking enough water or other beverages. As a rule, you can remember the following: drink about 100 ml of water for every 10 minutes of training. However, this depends on many factors such as your age, height, gender, and the intensity of the workout. In addition to water, you can also use sports drinks that will restore your electrolytes. Unlike the exercises in our short videos, electrolytes are especially important when doing endurance workouts.


With the TRX® band, you can bring effective suspension training® to your home. This is three-dimensional training where individual muscles are never isolated, since all the peripheral muscles are also trained with it.

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