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As of 28.01.2021, we have a new feature which will automatically shift your missed workout to the next day.

What if I miss a workout?

If you miss a workout, we’ll automatically shift it to your next calendar day. You can always view your upcoming workouts when you sign in to your Gymondo account.

What if I miss several workouts?

Good question! When you miss several workouts, we’ll move them to your upcoming calendar days and redistribute all skipped workouts ahead so they don’t pile up. This means, on your next scheduled training day, you’ll only see the first workout you missed. And instead of seeing your workouts pile up, your overall program length will be extended and your workouts will be distributed in accordance with your training schedule. 

Where are the missed workouts from my current running plan?

In the past, you could view your missed workouts on your timeline. Now, when you’ve activated a program, your missed workouts will be rescheduled for your upcoming training days. 

Why can I only see the workouts I’ve completed on my timeline?

Your timeline is now split between Completed and Upcoming workouts. Inside the Completed tab, you can view all of the workouts you’ve done thus far (including active programs and auxiliary workouts). The Upcoming tab indicates all upcoming workouts that are scheduled according to your active program(s) and training days.

Let’s say I get sick for 3 weeks without pausing my program(s). What will it look like when I start back up with Gymondo?

When you return to Gymondo, head to your “My Plan” page, where you’ll see your last scheduled workout. All missed workouts from your active program(s) are automatically redistributed into your upcoming training days. However, your program length will remain the same. 

When will my program actually end?

In the past, you had a fixed end date to all active fitness programs. Now, your program duration depends on the number of training days you’ve chosen. Let’s say you’ve chosen to train Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your program duration will therefore be longer than if you chose to train 5 days a week. You can view your training duration after selecting your training days. If you miss more workouts than you initially intended, the program duration will extend by the number of training days missed. 

If I can always view my upcoming workout(s), why do I still have to choose fixed training days?

Working out is so much more than looking good. At Gymondo, we want you to build a healthy routine to make fitness a lifestyle. This is why it’s so important to commit to a regular routine. Consistency equals results! Our programs are designed to give you optimal results when you commit to a regular schedule. Because of this, our fitness experts recommend a specific number of weekly training days for optimal results.  


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