Gymondo Benchmarks

What are Benchmarks?

Most Gymondo workouts start with a 60 second Benchmark interlude (previously called Challenge) comprised of either squats, push-ups, crunches, power knees, burpees, lunges or mountain climbers. After doing as many of these as you can within 60 seconds, you then enter the number you did in the pop-up which appears. You can then have an overview of your progress in the Progress section of your Gymondo account.

What are Benchmarks good for?

Benchmarks help you warm up with an effective full-body exercise to get your heart rate up at the start of your workout. Your fitness profile stores the results of the Benchmarks, so you can see your progress at any time.

What should I be aware of when doing Benchmarks?

The goal of the Benchmarks is to complete as many repetitions as possible. However, it is just as important that you always perform the exercises using proper form - that means, don't skimp on form for speed. This is the only way to train safely and effectively.

How do I count the repetitions properly?

You've completed a repetition when you've performed the exercise once in the full range of motion (back to the start position). The correct execution of some benchmark exercises can be found in our magazine articles:

Where can I see my progress?

Benchmark progress can be viewed on the Gymondo website, or in the Gymondo app.

On the website: Log in > click on Progress > click on See All > Click on Benchmarks > Click on the Benchmark you'd like to see > Click on 6 months, 3 months or 1 month to view your progress for that time period.


In the app: Log in > tap on Progress > scroll down to Benchmarks and tap on See All > tap into the Benchmark you'd like to see.


Are the results of my Benchmarks shared publicly?

No. Your progress is not shared with anyone and is only visible in your personal Gymondo account. We do not share your data with 3rd parties and it's only saved for you to track your personal progress over time.

I entered an incorrect value. Can I edit the Benchmark values?

Yes, you can update the Benchmark values but this can only be done on the website. Simply click on the purple dot showing the value you'd like to edit > click on Edit > update the number > click on the check mark.

What's the difference between Challenges and Benchmarks?

Benchmarks used to be called Challenges. you'll find Benchmarks in many workouts and you have 60 seconds to complete a Benchmark and count how many repetitions of the given exercise you can do. Benchmarks serve as a yardstick of your own best performance.

The new Gymondo Challenges consist of a certain number of workouts you must complete over a number of days to earn a badge. They are similar to a short workout program and you can find more information about them in this article.

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