Challenges 2.0

What are Challenges?

Gymondo Challenges offer you the ability to commit to your fitness goals. Whether you join a yoga, HIIT or cardio Challenge, you’ll always find a way to put your commitment to the test.

Can I start Challenges alongside my active Programs?

Yes, you can start a Gymondo challenge individually or together with your active workout programs.

Where can I find them?

Challenges are available on our website and in the mobile app. Currently, this feature isn’t available for TV apps. You’ll be able to start Challenges, and view active, upcoming and completed Challenges here.

Web: Log into your Account > Click on Challenges


Mobile App: Log into your account > Tap on Fitness > Tap on Challenges


What if I want to do a Challenge on my TV?

There are 2 ways you could do a Challenge workout on your TV:

  1. Start a Challenge in a different device (website or mobile app) > go to your TV app and search for the upcoming Challenge workout by name > complete the workout in the TV app and it will be added to your Challenge progress once you log into your Gymondo account on the website or mobile app again.

  2. Open a Challenge workout on your laptop or mobile app > stream the workout to your TV using Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, Miracast or whichever streaming service is available for your devices.

Where can I find all my current Challenge info and progress?

You'll find all your current Challenge info by clicking into the Challenge either on the website or in the app. There you'll see how many days are left for the Challenge, how many workouts you've completed, and how many left to go. You can also view or play upcoming and completed workouts from there.


How many Challenges can I join at the same time?

You can join any number of Challenges simultaneously, but please beware not to over-train. Rest days and active recovery are important too!

Can I end a Challenge I no longer want to do?

Yes, you'll find the option to quit a Challenge by entering the active Challenge and clicking or tapping on Quit Challenge. Incomplete Challenges will automatically be removed from your Challenges view once the Challenge ends.

Do I earn badges for Challenges?

Yes, you earn a badge for every completed Challenge as well as badges towards general categories like number of workouts completed and type of workout completed.

What's the difference between Challenges and Benchmarks?

Challenges are a group of workouts which you need to complete within a set number of days, like a mini-program. Benchmarks are contained within a workout, and they track how many repetitions of a specific exercise you can do within 60 seconds. Check this article for more information on Benchmarks.

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